No Boys Allowed 🙅🏾

I love a good girl chat just as much as the next girl, but recently I have found myself getting frustrated with the topic plaguing conversations with other women. That topic being, men. Maybe it’s having turned another year older, or maybe it’s the comfort I have now found in my singleness, but constantly discussing what men think about us, and how to get a man to think about us, has become almost offensive and borderline obsessive. Look, I get it! We all want someone. But spending hours trying to decipher if Johnny’s dry “hi” text means he wants to marry you, is neither healthy, nor productive. Men are an amazing gift from God, and I’m definitely not here to bash them, but coming from someone who is striving to be the best version of herself and enjoy her single season, I can’t help but feel PRESSURED.

I am surrounded by beautiful, smart, driven women. I always have been. They’re out here doing a million things at once, and doing them all well. But instead of talking about those millions of things, we some how gravitate towards discussing our male counterparts. I realize that that will probably never go away, and I don’t necessarily want it to. It’s how we bond, sometimes.  I just know that we, women are capable of a lot; and that includes more fulfilling conversations about wisdom, finances, and self-care.

Let’s talk more about business. Let’s talk about the differences between a co-op and a condo. Let’s talk about ways to impact our community. Let’s inspire women to get fit, not for marriage, but for themselves. Let’s be happy with our current status and put more energy into figuring ourselves out.


Now that we’ve covered that, there’s this guy at my job…..

Kidding 😉

Banana Bread

There are two things that will get me out of bed in a quick, fast, hurry.   Either the smell of coffee brewing, or breakfast cooking and if it’s both?! Heavennnnn! Those things happened a little more frequently when I lived at home and my mom naturally woke up at 5:00 AM, but  living on my own again, I’ve realized nothing is going to be brewing or cooking if I don’t get up and make it happen.  Today, I did.


A glorious banana bread that made the entire house smell amazing. This and four loads of laundry done before work at 1 has got me feeling mighty productive today!

Here’s a link to the recipe I used:

A hop, skip, & jump to 30!

My oh my how things have changed in just one year! If I’m being honest, years 26 & 27 have been some eye-opening, depressing, scary, and redefining years for me. Closer to 30. Freshly Single. Reality sinking in and dreams seemingly out of reach.  But guys…. I’m still here! I’m still breathing, and I’m still chugging along and trying to do so gracefully.  I’ve realized that as long as there is air in my lungs I’ve got purpose.  Figuring out that purpose has been a painfully slow process, but I’m elated to be continuing my journey  in the beautiful city of Washington D.C.  After leaving home and taking a leap of faith here, I’ve decided that sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the stars to align is not for me. I’m back…and here to stay.